Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Slugs, Skulls & Shots.

Lord, save us from the crazies!

Slugs.  One would think that traveling by air would be a holy experience since it is closer to the Heavens.  However, lately, air travel has become downright unchristian.  I always try to dress appropriately when I fly, but that seems to be passé these days.  And now, it seems that high altitudes are causing inexcusable irritability.  I’ll admit to having experienced more than a few “surly stews” in flight, but I have never been led to slug one of them.  I just take my pretzels and let it go.  To make matters worse, we are now subjected to political rants from the pilots.  Listen, I don’t care where your governmental bread is buttered, I don’t need you to toast it in public.  For now, I’m plan on keeping my mission trips land locked.  Greyhound is starting to look much more appealing.  Jesus, take the wheel!

Skulls.  The Mexicans were in full array this week for their annual celebration of the dead.  (Seems like an oxymoron, but I don’t know that word in Mexican!)  Dia de los Muertos brings out the face paint, skulls and flowers to remember those passed on.  I have to admire that it is a joyful celebration of remembrance rather than mourning.  And, celebrants remember funny events and anecdotes about the departed, thus making it somewhat silly.  I need to start celebrating this Mexican fiesta.  Lord knows there are some dead people I’d like to still make fun of!  Lord, forgive me.

Shots.  My home state of Texas is simply in deep doo-doo these days.  While I cherish the fine people I know here, I’m also bereft at some of our politicians.  Of course, Texas leaders are chomping hard at the bit to make this a place of social ultra-conservatism.  With the Supremes in Washington now discussing our most recent restrictive abortion laws, the outcome could have social implications of biblical proportion.  Let us pray that reason prevails.  Shot gun weddings will take on a morbid tone as the gays are run out of town from the altars.  We’ll be living in a state where gun-toting yahoos will be holding a pistol over pregnant women until they have their babies.  And then they’ll shoot the mothers when they ask for social services.  Lord, have mercy upon us.