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This Ninja Coffee System Does Everything But Make Croissants

A few weeks ago, our favorite-ever fancy coffee maker broke down.

We cried—and tried to save our tears in a mug.

But the java gods were smiling down upon us because within three days, we had an e-mail in our inbox from the fine folks at Ninja offering us their latest and greatest product to test out in our home.

When we opened the shipping box, we pulled out a user-friendly marvel that has once again revolutionized our caffeination rituals. Not to mention, it looks really sexy on our counter.

Soon, you too could wake up to the Ninja CFP301 DualBrew Pro Specialty Coffee System, an all-in-one masterpiece. Quickly and easily turn the dial for single-serve cups of various sizes from small cups to extra-large Yeti travel mugs utilizing either ground coffee or K-cups.

You can also brew up carafes of coffee from 1/4 carafe to a full one.

There’s a fold-away frother to make it easy to create cappuccinos and other coffeehouse staples. Iced coffees have a special setting, too, and you can dispense hot water separately from the coffee dispenser so your teas, soups, oatmeals and other hot-water creations don’t end up with residual (unwanted) coffee flavor.

Every component, button and knob is clearly labeled to make it super simple to adapt to whatever beverage you wish to make in a matter of seconds.

Another cool touch: The water reservoir can be relocated from the back of the unit to the side so you can make the coffee system fit your space perfectly. Plus, if you’re doing single-serve cups, you don’t have to add water to the tank as often, which is a great benefit when you wake up cranky and simply want your coffee strong and fast.

Just like we like our men.

Ninja® CFP301 DualBrew Pro Specialty Coffee System
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Free bag of Irving Farm coffee included