Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Theory, Travel, Toxic.

Heed these brief prayer concerns.

Theory.  I am mystified at all this discussion about Critical Race Theory and whether it should be taught in school.  As far as I’m concerned, children don’t need to be wasting time learning about whether NASCAR or Indy 500 is more critical to racing enthusiasts.  And I CERTAINLY don’t want them to be learning about the sin of gambling when it comes to horse racing!

Travel.  President Brother Joe Biden has lifted travel restrictions for travelers coming to the United States.  Heretofore, even people from Canada were restricted from entering due to concerns regarding the Crayolavirus.  Now, with proof of vaccination and/or a negative viral test, the arms of America are open wide to incoming foreign sinners.  I, personally, feel threatened by this return to travel.  I have had a corner on mission work in this country and now I’m going to have to fend off proselytizing Anglicans from the UK and Catholics from Mexico.  Get thee behind me, Satan.

Toxic.  Missouri Senator, Brother Josh Hawley, is gathering his petticoats in a hissy fit over the alleged attack on masculinity by the liberals.  He believes that masculinity is being eroded by the left who “want to define traditional masculinity as toxic.”  Oh Josh, no one is threatening your masculinity except yourself.  Let me just say to you, and I mean this in all Christian love……………Girl.  Let it go.