Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Become A Tipsy Carhop

When we were in college, we discovered that we could go to sonic, order up a Route 44 cherry limeade and add our own vodka to it for a cheap-yet-delicious cocktail.

We also took them with us to our more boring lecture-hall classes. (Don’t tell our parents).

Well now, Sonic has made it easier to get the flavors of their delicious drive-in drinks at home. No mixing required.

It’s quite likely you’ve seen the billboards around town announcing the arrival of Sonic Hard Seltzers and we finally got around to trying them. (You can, too, because they’re readily available at liquor, convenience and grocery stores throughout North Texas.)

Like all the other hard seltzers out there, a key selling point is their low alcohol (5%), low calorie (100) and low sugar (1g) approach to getting tipsy. What’s unique, however, are their true-to-Sonic flavors, such as coconut-tinged Ocean Water, original lemonade and limeade, and our all-time favorite: cherry limeade.

They’re crisp, clean and refreshing and even though they’d be great by a pool under the hot Texas sun, they’re just as good this time of year.

Throw in a cinnamon stick if it’s not festive enough for you.

Sonic Hard Seltzer
Now available