Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Greats. Gimme. Governance.

Let us pray.

Greats.  Let us note the passing of another of the greats, yet a non-Christian.  Brother Stephen Sondheim left this mortal coil at the age of 91 after a lifetime of words and music bestowed upon the theater.  I don’t know exactly where his next life is since only Babatists are assuredly going to heaven, but I trust he is received with appropriate fanfare.  I’ve always enjoyed good Christian lyrics from gospel songs, but Brother Stephen managed to produce words which applied so often to the life of the Spirit.  Catchy?  Not always.  But the message is there.  I shall remember him with these words of comfort……..Someone is on your side, Someone else is not, While we’re seeing our side, Maybe we forgot, They are not alone, No one is alone.  Shalom.

Gimme.  Politics in my home state continue to be perplexing.  We’ve been in the news enough lately and it’s not always favorable.  I have been on my knees that the Lord would install new leaders here who truly know the love of Christ and don’t merely pander to alleged followers.  However, my prayers were seemingly getting misdirected.  I did not expect Brother Matthew McConaughey to throw his gimme cap in the ring.  I doubled down on my prayers and they have been answered, as little Matt has decided against running for Governor.  Now we’re simply given a choice of bad, worse, or horrific on one side, and a gun-taking liberal on the other.  Regardless I’m praying for the Lord’s guidance so that we will once again be alright, alright, alright.  Alright?

Governance.  In a bit of interesting news regarding a loss for Betty Windsor, the island of Barbados has chosen to remove the monarch as head of state and become its own republic.  A bold move indeed.  Let us pray for calmness moving forward.  Usually, when one cuts ties with a Queen, things can get messy.