Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Like What You CBD In The Mirror?

Growing up in the Nancy Reagan Just Say No era, we were scared of anything related to cannabis.

After all, who wanted a fried egg for a brain?

These days, not only have we learned to never listen to anything a Republican First Lady has to say, we’ve come around to understand and enjoy the benefits of all things marijuana, including the legal-almost-everywhere CBD version. (Delta-8? Sure thing!)

So a couple of weeks ago when we were in Miami to write about a new cruise line voyage (story coming this week, so stay tuned), we randomly received an invitation to an event for Mind Naturals CBD-infused skincare products with the company’s Colombian owner, Paulina Vega. They promised free wine and a goodie bag with products, so who are we to turn down such a request?

Well, we’ve been using them for two weeks now and love them.

The formulations go on smoothly with a light texture, never leaving a greasy feeling. We especially loved the under-eye cream because the CBD is supposed to help relax the area naturally. And who doesn’t want skin that’s not stressed out?

Another thing we’re really excited about? The Colombian-based company has started putting their products, such as their Rich Moisturizing CBD Cream, now comes in a container that biodegrades quickly and completely without leaving a trace of microplastics. It can be industrially composted, as well.

It’s a small step toward a better planet that we’d love to see catch on with more of the product line, as well as other skincare companies (and all manufacturers for that matter) in the near future.

So if you’re looking for a hot new product to gift this holiday season, or you wish to look your best at all the upcoming parties now and into 2022, definitely check out Mind Naturals.

Just don’t tell the ghost of Nancy Reagan.

Mind Naturals CBD Skincare