Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Strains, Sluts & Spirit.

I have been rending my clothing this week over these things.

Strains.  I was really surprised at the lengths that certain PR/Advertising firms would go to promote their services.  I am of the opinion that Omnicom is a big enough entity that they don’t have to buy naming rights for a new strain of the Crayolavirus.  I mean really……why would you want your company associated with such a dire public health issue?  Lord help us.

Sluts.  The news about that filthy Jeffrey Epstein continues to make me vomit.  I have no idea if he committed suicide in prison or was killed for being a pedophile, but it really doesn’t matter to me.  His alleged crimes and behavior killed the spirits of some fine young people.  His posthumous trial accusing his lady friend of helping him entice underage women to his carnal bed is revealing more each day.  The latest bombshell from Sister Ghislaine Maxwell (what kind of name is that??) is that she had to fulfill his apparent needs to “have sex about three times a day.”  I have bandied around the term slut on many occasions in the past, but never has it been more appropriate than here for Jeffrey.  (I refuse to use the “Brother” moniker in referring to him!)  I wouldn’t be surprised if he liked having Girl Scout cookies sprinkled on his naughty parts.  Disgusting.  For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge, You Often Unzipped.

Spirit.  Sad news from the equine world.  Famed race horse, Medina Spirit, dropped dead on a racetrack after completing a work-out.  It appears to have been a cardiac event.  You might recall that, after winning the Kentucky Derby this year, Medina Spirit failed a drug test.  Listen, addiction is a sad disease whether it affect humans or horses.  Let this serve as a warning for the other racehorses at the local barn.  Lay off smoking that funny hay.  It’s really not good for your heart.  Neigh, it’s not.