Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Nesmith, Newsome & Neptune.

I’m on fire for the Lord this week.

Nesmith.  Let us pause for prayer for Brother Michael Nesmith.  There will be legions who will not know his name, but for those souls of the 60s, he was a member of BeatlesLight, otherwise known as The Monkees.  I confess to having sinful thoughts about a certain British Monkee in my unrepentant youth, but I don’t want to venture too far into that.  Brother Michael was the quiet one yet prolifically talented.  May he rest in peace.  And, thanks to his mama, if there any mistakes on his obituary in the paper, there always Liquid Paper.  Amen.

Newsome.  Leave it to the liberals in California to mock the great State of Texas.  As of last week, John Roberts and the Supremes voted to keep the Texas restrictions on abortion in place allowing private citizens to sue abortion providers there.  In response, Brother Governor Gavin Newsome in California used this legal precedence to declare a new law to be enacted in his state “giving ordinary residents legal standing to file lawsuits against purveyors of restricted firearms.”  As Brother Gavin puts it, if Texas wants to endanger lives by banning abortions, his state will save lives by banning guns.  Wait, what?  I’m in a moral conundrum.  I feel I should argue with this thinking but……here’s the deal.  If men would start shooting blanks from their guns AND their “pistols”, we’d solve BOTH problems!

Neptune.  Most of you know how I feel about beauty pageants.  Sluts on parade being adjudicated by ‎leering men, bitter women, and sodomites who think they’d look better in that gown.  But the ‎pageant that irritates me the most is the one which occurred this past weekend.  Miss Universe.  I ‎don’t want to say anything to disparage the tramp who took home the title, a Bollywood Beauty ‎representing India.  No, my beef is with the premise of this parade of filth.   Miss ‎Universe?  Where are the representatives from other galaxies?  Did Neptune not hold a preliminary pageant?  What ‎beauty lies beyond our solar system?  Methinks this trash parade should simply be called Miss World or ‎Miss Earth.  Otherwise, we could have some highly irritated extra-terrestrials searching the Milky Way for swimsuits!  Lord, help.‎