Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Union, Union, Union.

We are approaching the birthday of our Lord.  You should already be on your knees.

Union.  The heavens cried out this past weekend as the most recent former President was in my hometown on a mission trip.  Before speaking to his followers in a stadium, he made a personal appearance behind the pulpit of First Baptist Church Dallas.  There he was received with ovations and shouts of acclamation.  Pastor Robert Jeffress, the only person I’ve ever heard who could lisp on a “D”, ushered him in as an anointed one and the “godliest President in US history.”  Between that introduction and everything uttered from the former President’s mouth, the pulpit clearly had to be reinforced to support that many lies from this unholy union.  I was unable to attend the service as I was at another congregation where the word of Christ is actually spoken.

Union.  Breakfast food manufacturer, Kellogg’s, has been holding sway over its unionized workers since early October.  The stalwart employees have been existing without pay in opposition to the questionable conditions previously contracted.  I have been in prayer over this David vs. Goliath showdown.  It bereaves me when the Pharisees of Industry line their pockets with the moneys absconded from the workers.  With the agreement of a new working contract, all are back on the line cranking out Pop-Tarts and Rice Krispies.  Let us rejoice that the showdown was resolved lest this have been a true cereal killer.  Hallelujah!

Union.  One thing I continue to admire about the Repugnican playbook is the party’s unequivocal unity on all decisions.  Bless the Demoncrats.  They have been given a place of power and glory with a slim majority of votes to seemingly pass virtually anything.  But wait, don’t answer yet.  The unity on the right gives way to some crooked fingers on the left.  Somebody has to throw a fit.  Sometimes it’s the radical liberals holding out for some socialist agenda.  Or, surprisingly, it can be a conservative fox in the hen house holding up egg collection.  Let us pray for Brother Paul Manchin as he endeavors to single-handedly put a halt to Brother Biden’s plan to Build Back America.  I applaud Brother Paul’s fortitude, but when the unionized miners in your home state of West Virginia start axe-picking at you in disagreement, it’s time to reconsider.  Get on board with the rest of your colleagues or you’re going to have a lot of coal under your Christmas tree!