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Brunch Of The Week Of The Year

As the year winds down and the last glimpses of a few days off begin to blur, we’re looking ahead to the weekend with friends.

But we’re also feeling quite lazy and don’t have the energy to compile a whole list of our favorite spots.

Because if we feature them here, they’re already tops in our book so you know we recommend every place on this site wholeheartedly.

So if you’re gathering with your besties this weekend, you’ll likely be planning brunch and because of the holiday weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are all possibilities depending on where you go.

We’ve featured a Brunch of the Week selection nearly every week this year, so join us in taking a walk down Mimosa Memory Lane by browsing through our can’t-miss choices for the best meal of the week.

Click here and you’ll find every fantastic brunch place we’ve covered since January. Hell, deep dive back into 2020 if you really want to get some great ideas for brunch spots.

Then we’ll see you right back here next week for the first new Brunch of the Week pick of 2022.

We’ll raise a Bloody Mary to that!