Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Scoot Your Boots To Roots For Fruits (& Veg)

Statistics show that 938,991,423 people in Dallas are looking to get healthy in 2022.

Yet even with such high demand, finding easy, tasty ways to incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet can still be a challenge.

Luckily, Brent Rodgers (pictured above) has been deliciously hydrating and upping the nutrition game of Dallasites through his Roots Juices for years. But this year, he’s kicking off a whole new way to shed some holiday pounds and generally improve your wellbeing at Roots Market & Juicery through new meal kits that allow you to incorporate tasty meals into your routine alongside their ever-popular juice cleanses.

Now we’ve done juice cleanses before and though we love the tasty beverages, they often leave us hangry by the second day or so. Adding some solid food to the mix definitely makes a difference.

You can shop for a lot of exclusive products in their market to craft your own meals at home. Or make things really easy and let them put together a kit for you.

The Roots Market & Juicery plant-based meal kits are $175 per week for breakfast, lunch and dinner five days per week.

You select what you want for breakfast from selections that include protein pancakes and breakfast tacos. Pre-set lunches such as Mediterranean bowls and chicken salad sandwiches always come with a pint of freshly pressed juice. Hearty dinner options include shepherd’s pie and pasta alfredo.

We sampled a variety of the new meals, as well as some signature juices, and we can attest to how deliciously satisfying they are.

So even if you missed out on Meatless Monday yesterday, it’s never too late to scarf down some plants in some mouthwatering culinary creations.

Way better than snacking on a ficus.

Roots Market & Juicery
Plant-Based Meal Kits
$175 per week (15 total meals)

Photos courtesy of Roots Market & Juicery