Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Better, Besotted & Betty.

A new year is before us!  2021 was a rough ride, but let us reflect on the way 2022 is starting.

Better.  We have survived another year and, more importantly, another New Year’s Eve.  The night when all hell seems to break loose, and thousands of seemingly moral people lose all control of sobriety.  After which, in an attitude of false repentance, many make firm resolutions to change their lives in the coming year.  Bull Dookey!  I resolve EVERY DAY to be a better Christian than the rest of you, so don’t even try to one up me at this time of year.  And for those of you resolving to lose weight, I’m carrying scales in my purse at all times.  Back off at the church covered dish.  Amen.

Besotted.  Every New Year’s Eve in the recent past, we have been subjected to those two white sodomites mincing their way into our homes from Times Square.  I have almost become tolerant of Brother Anderson Cooper due to his newsworthiness.  However, it is difficult for me to accept that other one for numerous reasons.  He’s Jewish (and I’m a Babatist), he creates filthy reality programming with obnoxious females, and he won’t look at me straight.  Now, to make matters worse, I can add “drunk” to the reasons for disdain.  He was besotted this year and an embarrassment to his people (Jews and Gays).  Flippantly commenting the next day that you were “a little overserved” is pointless.  Besides, who was serving you?  YOU WERE!  Honestly.  I’m on my knees for Anderson as he prays for redemption in the wake of your behavior.  Perhaps Brother Cooper will allow me to bring some reverence to the affair this year.  Let us pray.

Betty.  I’ve saved this story for last.  Brothers and Sister, I must confess that I wept at the news of Sister Betty White’s homegoing.  What a lifelong ministry she had.  At nearly 100 years of age, she has been a presence in my entire life in some form or another.  I remember as a child being blessed by her numerous appearances on PASSWORD helping us all learn vocabulary.  As a young Christian, I was blessed by her marriage to the PASSWORD host, Brother Allen Ludden.  In my teenage ministry years, I felt the need to pray for the slut she portrayed on Sister MT Moore’s program.  My post college witnessing was bolstered by her morally sweet character on the sodomite-sanctioned, GOLDEN GIRLS.  Yes, she could have a potty mouth if written for her, but I daresay there’s not been another celeb like her who strove to be kind to all peoples and animals.  May the Lord receive her in glory, and may she be greeted by all those that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  And let us finally pray for Sister Bea Arthur who will surely be annoyed at Betty’s presence once again.  Hallelujah.