Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Super, Snow & Steed.

I’m on fire for the Lord this week!

Super.  It is rare that I get riled up about professional sports, but sometimes it merits my commentary.  Such is the case of the upcoming Bowl of Superiority.  It is my understanding that this is the Easter Sunrise Service of football games.  Dare I say, the Billy Graham Crusade of the gridiron.  While I wouldn’t know a Bengal from a Ram if they manured my lawn, it has occurred to me that I might prophesy as to the outcome.  According to the sign at my local Chinese restaurant (I do love an eggroll), we are now in the Year of the Tiger.  Sounds to me like Cincinnati is going to get someone’s goat in California.  Amen?

Snow.  I have had a fundamental problem with the Disney company ever since my precious Babatist faith issued a boycott of “the mouse” for welcoming sodomites into their parks.  Now the magic kingdom is falling off yet another cliff.  First of all, the story of Snow White was written as is, with a lily white heroine shacked up with a bunch of gay midgets.  Remaking it with a Mexican and a bunch of hoodlums called anything BUT dwarfs (dwarves?) is heresy.  My prayer partners in Hollywood have shared the concerns of the little people actors who fight for jobs in film and TV.  To have seven roles like these to be yanked because of woke times seems unfair.  But what do I know?  I have more important prayer concerns like keeping Minnie Mouse out of a pantsuit.  Now THAT’s cause for prayer!

Steed.  As a woman of modest dress and fashion, I couldn’t care less about the escapades of the runways of European dressmakers.  Nonetheless, I raised an unadorned eyebrow recently at an obscure story out of Paris.  The fine people at Chanel (I do love a No. 5) decided to send Princess Grace’s granddaughter down their indoor fashion show runway astride a brown steed.  Why, seems to be the question afoot.  How cheap for such a hot cooter company to resort to a gimmick.  Oh well, at least the horse was Coco.  I’ll wait…….