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Sleeping Around Dallas: ZaZa, Ooh La La

Back in 2001, we had offices in Uptown and we all watched with excited anticipation as Hotel ZaZa was built from the ground up just down the street from our front door. It opened to rave reviews in 2002 and we’ve been in love with the ZaZa brand ever since.

Going on 20 years. Wow.

We’ve stayed at Hotel ZaZa a few times over the past two decades and several of our out-of-town friends have made it their hotel of choice in Uptown Dallas, too.

Just before New Year’s Eve last year, we were invited to stay two nights, visit ZaSpa and dine at Dragonfly, which still delights with beautiful plates of food and exceptional cocktails.

Hotel ZaZa Dallas Uptown’s one of our favorite spots for a staycation, so we encourage you to give it a try next time you need a change of scenery but don’t want the hassle of a flight or tedious road trip.

Rather than give you a long list of reasons we’re enamored with the eclectic, luxury boutique hotel, we thought we’d give you a short list with photos!

Scroll on for some of the many perks of a Hotel ZaZa stay.

And keep sleeping around Dallas, friends.

The quirky interiors of Dragonfly have a timeless sense of humor and style that brings a fun casualness to fine dining.
It’s also an awesome place for brunch or cocktails and appetizers before hitting the Dallas Arts District.
Not too big, not too small. Goldilocks would definitely approve of this King Parlor Room.
But if you really want something special, look no further than Hotel ZaZa’s lineup of incredible suites.
Complimentary morning coffee and tea can be found on each floor of the hotel.
And late-afternoon treats such as freshly baked cookies can be found in the lobby.
The Last Czar is one of Hotel ZaZa’s over-the-top Magnificent Seven suites.
They also have several concept suites that are equally extravagant and rooms you’ll never want to leave.
ZaSpa inside Hotel ZaZa Dallas Uptown is one of the smaller hotel spas in town, but it’s also one of the best.
You can get all the usual treatments from massages to facials.
It won’t be long now before the pool’s back open and packed full of Dallas’ most fabulously scantily clad.
And if you decide you need to leave the hotel for any reason, you can request one of their house cars to drop you off and pick you up at any destination within a three-mile radius of the hotel. (Hint: The gayborhood’s only 1.5 miles away!)
Leave a generous tip for your driver and you’ll still save money over ride share.

Hotel ZaZa Dallas Uptown
2332 Leonard Street, Dallas

All photos courtesy of Hotel ZaZa, except the spa photo from Shutterstock.com