Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Tables, Tramps & Travel.

It’s just a trashy week.  Pray with me.

Tables.  This seems to have fallen into the cracks of newsworthy items, but I feel the need to address it.  Former President #45 has a book out entitled “Our Journey Together”. Like other Presidential tomes, this one is in hardback form.  UNLIKE other Presidential tomes, it is a “coffee table” book of large proportions.  I have two comments here.  First of all, this is not a journey I recommend revisiting.  Secondly, I am encouraging all who purchase this book to have your coffee table reinforced, as it will be holding up a weight of crap heretofore unfamiliar to most furniture.

Tramps.  Oh ick.  The powers that be at Hulu have agreed to broadcast a series about erstwhile tramps, Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson entitled “I Love You, Tommy”.  I pray in gratitude that such productions provide jobs for people, but at what cost?  Immorality on a budget.  As we all know, these two made a filthy film recording of their naughty parts in 1995 which was then stolen by a sinner and broadcast to unintended audiences.  Now this series, which was made without the consent or involvement of Sister Anderson, tries to glamourize the entire affair.  As for Brother Lee, he has been accused of domestic violence and abuse toward Pamela.  This just makes me sick.  How unusual for me to show mercy to a slut, but we need to pray for Sister Pamela.  This ain’t right.

Travel.  I hear that discount airlines Frontier and Spirit are merging.  I have no idea what the new company will be called (Spiritier?  Frontirit?), but I am certain that it will be doubly full of unnecessary charges and trashy clients.  Alas, there seem to be an unending supply of travelers who can get excited about an $80 round trip fare, forgetting that, between extra charges for luggage, beverages, seat assignments, oxygen, toilet paper and seat belts, ends up costing more than the relative comfort of a major airline which include such “perks”.  I liken all of this to cruising with Carnival.  Whether at sea or in the air, both are just a mobile home with a rudder or wings!