Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Awards. Ashes. Attorneys.

I have prayed until my knees are flat.  Join me.

Awards.  I hear that sag awards were given out in Hollyweird this past weekend.  I don’t get it.  I mean, who wants to win the prize for the worst sag?  As much plastic surgery as I’ve seen on red carpet parades, it must have been hard to pick a winner.  Perhaps there should be a “pulled” award or “lifted” award.  Nobody sags anymore.  And I guarantee that every winner would look surprised!

Ashes.  Well, I guess all you Non-Baptists are going to be parading around today with smudges on your forehead.  I’ve never understood the importance of rubbing ashes on yourself for religious purposes.  Looks more like the mark of the beast, if you ask me.  All I’m asking is that everyone be very careful when speaking the name of this particular midweek observance.  There is an H at the end of the word.  Forgetting that would make this a very different Wednesday indeed.

Attorneys.  Here in the home state of my ministry, politics are obnoxious, at best.  We have been afflicted with an Attorney General whom I must admit was a college colleague of mine.  He may have gone to a Baptist University, but his behavior has been anything but “saved.”  Now, in this election year, others are looking to dethrone, er, unseat him.  Two in particular are worth noting.  Brother George P. Bush, son of Jeb Bush and nephew of George W., and a Latina named Eva Guzman.  Let me also point out the Brother Bush’s mama is a Latina as well.  In the latest rounds of ads, Sister Eva and Brother George are fighting over which of them is a bigger supporter of the border wall.  The word of the day is irony.  This is NOT the border wall fight I was expecting from two MEXICANS!