Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Windy, Weirdos & War.

The Lord has laid these things on my heart this week.

Windy. In another testament to God’s grace, I reflect on an incident during this week’s tornados in Texas. A fellow motorist, shielded from the fury of the winds, captured video of a tornado tossing a red pickup truck in its vortex. Flipped it, rolled it, turned it and put it back upright on its wheels as it moved past. At which point, the true Texas truck owner promptly kept driving. This, Brothers and Sisters, is Texas virility at its best. But I’d love to have heard the conversation as the driver drove on. There was either some hasty prayers of repentance, or a Texas-twanged declaration of “Windy today, ain’t it?”

Weirdos. Lord, the Disney Company has painted itself into a corner again with its wishy-washy take on morality. First, they irritate the Sodomites and Lesbyterians by not standing up to fine Christian lawmakers in Florida. Then they backpedal and get biblical condemnation from those same lawmakers. Shade from the gays for not having gay characters in their stories. Ire from the godly for welcoming sinners into the parks. Let me say this about that (to quote my fellow columnist): Disney gave us a girl shacked up with seven midgets, a duck who never wears pants, a pretty girl into bestiality and a feller with an undersea crush on a fish. Bunch of weirdos, if you ask me.

War. My knees are FLAT from praying for the precious people of the Ukraine. I have put a blue and yellow bookmark in my Bible and am mentally laying hands on Brother Zelensky and the precious mayor of Kyiv. (You’ll want to look him up.) The Lord and I have been discussing ways to end this conflict. It is MY prayer that our immediate past President go to the Ukraine on a peace keeping mission. I feel certain that Brother Putin would cease fire if he knew that his boyfriend, er, colleague were in the target zone. Amen?