Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

SCOTUS. Screeching. Scrotum

Disgusting. Just disgusting.

SCOTUS. I have been in prayer for Sister Ketanji Brown Jackson. Lately, every person nominated to the Supreme Court has been subject to questioning of biblical proportions before affirmation. KBJ was certainly no exception. However, I would like to recognize her fortitude in the face of some blithering commentary. Proving that we women can handle more thrown at us than men can, Sister Ketanji deflected all things intended to incite Kavanaugh-type tears and maintained stoic composure, leaving the tirades to Lindsey and Ted and their ilk. And precious Lindsey, remember that I am the ONLY one qualified to ask someone their religion!

Screeching. I will confess not taking the time to view the televised circus known as the Grammy Awards. I just couldn’t care less. But reading reports of awards given, along with photographic evidence of clothing choices, I feel the need to say a few words. These are not songs to be sung in church, these are not lyrics to be repeated, and those are not outfits to wear in public. I mean, does no one understand tailoring or taste anymore??

Scrotum. This piece is difficult for me to discuss due to its subject matter. However, the Lord calls me to speak His Word when needed. A man was recently arrested for pleasuring himself a total of four times on a Southwest Airlines flight while sitting next to a female passenger. I think I would have fainted. Interestingly, said female was moved to another seat only AFTER she had photographed the alleged quadruple ambidextrous display and the man had fallen asleep. I ask you, who exactly is the pervert here? Unless the Sister was frozen in fear, methinks his behavior would have ejaculated her from her seat immediately. Regardless, Mr. Feelgood was banned from any future Southwest flights. Well duh. I highly doubt he would have been invited to come again!