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Brunch Of The Week: Deliciousness On Your Doorstep

This past Sunday morning, we woke up to a hot guy at our front door.

Even better, he was carrying pastries.

(Pretty sure that’s our ultimate sexual fantasy.)

This weekend, you can have that same hot guy on your doorstep, too.

His name is Keith Cedotal and he’s an amazing pastry chef—and the founder of Keesh Bakery & Café. You’ve likely tasted his goodies during his stints at Hotel ZaZa, The Adolphus, Craft, Stephen Pyles’ restaurants, Uchi, TopKnot, the Joule Hotel and all of its various food-and-beverage venues, Billy Can Can and Hatchways.

Keith Cedotal with one of his famous Keeshes.

Each week, he whips up a lineup of sweet and savory treats for weekend delivery to zip codes 75218, 75214, 75228, 75238 and 75206. (Trust us, it’s worth buying a house in one of these neighborhoods if you don’t live there already.)

With both Saturday and Sunday delivery, it’s ideal for a yummy brunch at your own house—or in your own backyard. (And the perfect easy way out if you’re hosting people for Easter, Mother’s Day or any occasion really.)

You have to order by Wednesday, which is why our Brunch of the Week feature is running a couple of days early.

A recent Savories & Pastries assortment.

The menu changes each week, but to give you an idea of the deliciousness in your future, we’ll give you a peek at what’s in the Savories & Pastries Box this week.

For only $25 you’ll receive a Breakfast Taco Keesh, a Mini Pavlova with Strawberry and Lemon Curd, a Croque Monsieur Hot Pocket with House-Cured Ham, Gruyère and BBQ Mustard, a Carrot Cake Muffin with Brown Butter Cream Cheese Frosting, a gluten-free Tomato, Texas Mozzarella and Basil Scone, a Jalapeño and TX Beef Sausage Kolache with Brie and a Cinnamon Raisin Croissant Roll.

Everything we had in our box was delicious (and we love a tasty package!) so we know you’ll love this week’s treats. The kolache we had was one of the best we’ve ever eaten, so make sure to snag that out of the box before anybody else knows about it.

Artichoke Keesh.

Of course, the namesake Keesh is incredible, too. (We can’t wait for his brick and mortar “bake-araunt” to open in East Dallas later this year.)

In this week’s delivery you can get a whole, large Keesh made with spinach and lox, a whole pineapple upsidedown carrot cake, four-packs of lemon-blueberry muffins with toasted meringue, roasted jalapeño hummus, smoky pimento dip and a bunch of other options.

So head to the Keesh website now and start ordering for the weekend.

You might just find yourself drooling over the descriptions alone. (But photos will definitely do the trick.)

Keesh Bakery & Cafe
Order by Wednesday
Delivery Saturday & Sunday
Zip Codes: 75218, 75214, 75228, 75238, 75206

Photos of Keith Cedotal by Leslie Brenner