Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Ginni. General. Jenner.

Offering conservative thoughts this week.

Ginni.  I am so grateful for Godly women like Sister Ginni Thomas.  She is so faithful to her husband and his duties on the highest court in the land.  Beyond that, her love for her country knows no bounds.  One might just say that she has no boundaries.  Her recently discovered actions toward a full overthrow of the government reveal a patriot of limitless zeal.  Apparently impatient that her betrothed isn’t racing fast enough to change the world, Ginni decided that her innate privilege would get things done quicker.  Clearly she is Loving that status.

General.  I have been made aware of the fact that, among many unique traits, the fine Christian greasemongers at Chick-Fil-A will never say “you’re welcome” after being thanked for vending your poultry parts.  Influenced by the snob appeal of high-end hotels, workers are instructed to say “my pleasure” instead.  They can claim Ritz Carlton influence all they want, but I feel strongly that the impetus behind not using the general response to thanks is far more literal.  After all, there are too many customers who really aren’t welcome at Chick-Fil-A.  And they seem to take pleasure in that.

Jenner.  These are end times, Brothers and Sisters.  Fox News, the source for liberal helpings of all things conservative, has hired a new staff member of questionable repute.  While I question this move, I’m guessing that the intent is to bolster the ammunition against the transgendered people by hiring from within those ranks.  Regardless, having Caitlyn Jenner as a Fox News contributor reeks of confusion.  At this rate, I’m waiting for Fox to hire Anthony Fauci to cover vaccine trials.