Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Girlfriend In A Coma

Rebel Wilson is one of those women.

One of those women who can make us laugh with gusto with very little effort on her part. The simplest of facial expressions from her can send us into fits. But when she’s fully unleashed, she’s utterly captivating.

Her comedic gifts are on full display in the new Netflix movie, Senior Year, streaming today.

Wilson stars as a woman who wakes up after a 20-year coma and decides to—why not—return to high school for her senior year without skipping a beat.

The world has changed a lot since 2002 and high school looks a whole lot different. (Watch the trailer below.)

It’s an absurd, hilarious romp that reminds us of one of her best fish-out-of-water comedies, Isn’t It Romantic.

Add it to your queue for a Hump Day pick-me-up or the perfect movie for Date Night on the Sofa.

Senior Year
Streaming today

Photo courtesy of Netflix