Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Fashion, Faces & Fairies.

Oh my!

Fashion.  He is Risen!  I am renewed and rejuvenated after celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and ‎‎Savior this past Sunday.  I saw so few familiar faces at church, as the pews were filled with the ‎‎C&E Christians who only attend twice a year.  Moreover, this is also the Sunday when fashions ‎‎turn to more colorful hues and enough white shoes to fill a Pat Boone convention.  But here are ‎‎the real issues of Christian discourse. When did this Holy Celebration turn from death and ‎‎resurrection to one of eggs and bunnies? When did bunnies ever lay eggs?  And why are they ‎‎hiding them anyway?  Did Jesus wear pastel when he sashayed out of the tomb?  ‎‎He is Risen INDEED!‎

Faces.  Speaking of tombs, here is something that is being laid to rest.  The travel mask mandates across this land are no longer in place thanks to a judge in, of all places, Florida.  While this is good news for the population at large who have been so seemingly inconvenienced by the donning of said facial covering, I have a few concerns.  Are we jumping the gun on this?  Will the unclean begin to hack in public?  Will there be a run on lipstick now?  And most importantly, we are surely going to be subject to the full effect of some really unattractive people again.  Keep your distance.

Fairies.  And speaking of Florida, the righteous Governor of that State is posturing himself to the pedestal of political morality, a position coveted by so many these days in politics.  I appreciate a moral, upstanding leader, but I prefer genuine Christ-like behavior as opposed to playground antics meant to appeal to the frothing arbiters of Pharisaical Christendom.  Brother DeSantis is in a pee-pee match with the CEO of Walt Disney World over the support or condemnation of the Sodomites and Lesbyterians.  Each side fires a missive of commitment which then irritates the other.  Now Governor Ron is threatening to remove the 55-year old special status that allows Disney to operate as an independent government around its Orlando-area theme park.  That’s a first.  A politician currying favor with the rabid homophobes by REMOVING the law that keeps Disney its own Fairyland.  These are end times.