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Brunch Of The Week: New York State Of Mind

Even though Dallas has its own distinctive brunch culture, sometimes we want to feel like we’ve traveled to Manhattan for a few hours of champagne-soaked merriment.

Enter Sadelle’s onto the local scene, descending upon Highland Park Village like a fashionable, long-lost sibling entering our lives for the first time—familiar and exotic all at once.

The gorgeously designed restaurant is a place you’ll want to get a little bit dressed up for. No suit and tie or anything crazy like that, but something nicer than the T-shirt and shorty-shorts you might wear to oh, a Marsha Dimes brunch.

Famous for their traditional New York-style sliced fish and bagels, caviar service and copious amounts of Champagne, Sadelle’s revels in extravagance, but the experience can be as laid back or over-the-top as you desire.

Service is impeccable (and so are the bagels), so it’s suitable for both special occasions and any-day brunches whenever you want things to be perfect. (And that’s every day for us!)

Click on the images in the photo gallery a few scrolls up for an up-close look at the deliciousness that awaits.

There’s a lot more where this came from, too.

Now open
1 Highland Park Village, Dallas

Photos courtesy of Sadelle’s