Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Teenage Dream

Forget The Avengers.

There’s a new based-on-a-graphic-novel series that we’re way more into.

Today, Netflix presents another show in its vast library of LGBTQ content: Heartstopper.

Created and written by Alice Oseman, who created and wrote the graphic novels of the same name, Heartstopper is beyond charming.

Centered around nerdy, borderline outcast Charlie (Joe Locke), the series quickly takes the main character from an ill-fated liaison with one boy and sets him off on a new romance all within the first episode.

Even though there are bullies and obstacles of various sorts that many of us experienced during the coming out process (as well as before and after), the series creator chooses to focus more on the positive. And that gives Heartstopper a sweet freshness that’s relatable, yet for those of us who came out in a different era it still almost feels like a fantasy.

But we know times have changed and though the world continues to regress in some ways, we have hope that the openness of new generations will make stories such as these as commonplace as Romeo and Whatsherface.

Love wins again and again.

Out today

Photo courtesy of Netflix