Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Bridge. Brittany. Brief.

Let the women of scripture look down on these concerns.

Bridge.  First, let us grieve for Sister Naomi Judd, a fine Christian woman and musician who passed from this earthly life.  While I may never know the circumstances of her journey to Heaven, I have long lifted her up in prayer for her fight with the devil of the mind and brain.  Why must the Lord call home a fine Sister who struggled to maintain her own demons instead of unleashing them on the rest of us like the many others walking among us who are making life unbearable in the halls of government?  Let us kneel in prayer for Sisters Ashley and Wynona as they carry their mother’s torch of talent forward.  If Love can build a bridge, I’m praying for a span of biblical proportions to connect us all in the days to come.  Amen.

Brittney.  I still maintain a thread of connection with my alma mater, Baylor University, in spite of their worldly errors in judgment.  As such, I have been circling the prayer wagons for former Baylor Women’s Basketball star, Brittney Griner, who has been held in a Russian jail like a modern day Paul.  Thank the Lord that I maintain this prayer connection on behalf of Baylor since they haven’t said diddly squat about her predicament even though she brought manna to the school through her athletic gifts.  Look, I know she’s a Lesbyterian, but Baylor clearly speaks the language of money and should be in public prayer for Sister BG’s safe return.  Until then, I pray thanksgiving that our government has seen fit to declare her imprisonment as a wrongful detainment.  Let us beseech the Almighty for her safe return and pray about her vape pen choices.

Brief.  Finally, I, as a Christian, need to weigh in on the bombshell news leaked from the Supremes.  I have never had a cause for gestational termination, nor have I taken a stand for exactly where life begins.  I do, however, know that God’s Own Party (GOP) believes in government staying out of one’s business.  Therefore, a judicial brief to invade a woman’s right to control her own innards seems anathema to the conservative party line.  I may be a Babatist, but even I know that morality must come from within and not from the halls of justice.  And let us fear the repercussions that could follow from such an official edict.  Soon, the sodomites and lesbyterians may lose their status as full citizens and I’ll have no part of that.  I need them so that my ministry has a purpose of outreach!