Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Bathe Yourself in Queso Blanco

It’s Cinco de Mayo, which normally would be unfolding very differently in years past.

Typically, it would take us hours on Quatro de Mayo to make enough Crock Pots’ worth of our famous homemade queso to fill a bathtub for our annual ritual.

Don’t be mistaken. We’re still taking our queso bath like always, but this year we have help thanks to Queso Mama. Founder Leigh Oliver (the Queso Mama herself) has succeeded in making quesos that are among some of the best we’ve had at restaurants all over Texas.

Hell, it rivals our own perfected recipe.

You’ll find Queso Mama’s White Queso varieties locally at Target, Super Target and Costco stores in the refrigerator section. Choose from varieties that are spiked with green chiles, pale lager, roasted jalapeƱos, sausage, or spinach, bacon and tomato.

Seriously, these are restaurant-quality options that satisfy that queso craving whenever it strikes.

Which for us is daily.

So head to the store (or delivered from Instacart) and load up for Cinco de Mayo or Mother’s Day (to give to your own Queso Mama).

Or just come by our bathtub with a few chips and celebrate with us instead.

Queso Mama Quesos
Available at Target, Super Target & Costco