Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

‘Tis Better To Give Gifts On Demand Than Demand To Receive Them

Sometime’s you need a last-minute gift, but if you want something that will really wow, your options are limited.

Or we should say, your options were limited.

Say hello to Afloat, an app that lets you send meaningful, locally sourced gifts on-demand.

In addition to national and Texas brands, you can choose from several Dallas-based businesses on Afloat, including Forget Me Not, Madison 214, JD’s Chippery, Pointer’s Petals and Madison McKinley.

Just a sampling of the joy you can send through Afloat.

So whether you need a gift for a friend who came through for you when you needed it most, the barista who remembers your order every day, or the guy at the gym you’ve been stalking and hope he doesn’t get freaked out when a bottle of rosé champagne and a backgammon set show up at his locker while he’s getting undressed, you’ll find something perfect for any occasion on Afloat.

Download the app and shop away. You can choose same-day or next-day delivery, so even if you completely forgot your dad’s vasectomy anniversary, he’ll never, ever know.