Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

A Little Light Reading In Bed

Queer culture has a long, illustrious—and sometimes scandalous—history. And without the people who came before us (and the icons and allies living among us today), we’d live in a much less fabulously colorful world.

In the new book From Gay to Z: A Queer Compendium by Justin Elizabeth Sayre (released today), we get a glimpse into a few hundred of the greatest LGBTQIA+ people to have ever lived.

The book’s perfect for reading just before bed because it contains bite-sized nuggets of information for each entry.

Subjects run the gamut of old-school and new, with stars such as John Waters, Divine, Miss Richfield 1981, Marsha P. Johnson and Dan Levy on the pages alongside groundbreaking moments in pop culture history when Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, The L Word, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Angels in America and A Chorus Line debuted for all the world to see.

Even rituals such as brunch, bingo, drag, Grindr and piano bars get their due.

We’ve been around the block (several times and back the other direction) and we discovered new people, films, and shows we’ve either never heard of or had forgotten about over the years.

You can get the book starting today at Amazon on Kindle if you want it immediately, or wait for the illustrated hardcover so you can gay forward all this vital information to someone else when you’re finished.

We can pretty much guarantee you’re going to become obsessed with some of the things you read in the book. We’ve already gone down a YouTube rabbit hole and we really don’t ever want to come out.

But come out we must.

Gay to Z: A Queer Compendium
By Justin Elizabeth Sayre
Out today
$9.99 (Kindle); $24.95 (hardcover)