Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Brendan Fraser Was Our God

In 1998, there was no hotter guy on the planet than Brendan Fraser in our book. Everything about him made us tingle in all the places.

But seeing him in Gods and Monsters opposite Ian McKellen as James Whale, the director of Frankestein (1931) made us absolutely crazy for him as he solidified his status as our Homoerotic God of Hollywood.

This Sunday afternoon, CinéWilde Presents Gods and Monsters.

Stick around after the end credits roll for a Speed Friending event. This mingling opportunity celebrates LGBTQ Elders Day and aims to bring together people in the community across generations.

And don’t worry, young ones. We elders won’t ask you to strip naked as Ian McKellen does in the movie.

At least not in such a public space.

CinéWilde Presents Gods and Monsters
Sunday, May 22
Tickets: $12
The Texas Theatre
231 West Jefferson Boulevard, Dallas