Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Underwear Of The Month: Put Karen In Her Place

We know May’s almost over, but we would never leave you hanging!

And neither will one of these old-school-yet-super-sexy jockstraps from Arjen Kroos.

We first discovered the line on Amazon one late night while searching for other products featuring mostly naked men (don’t ask), but when we received our package of athletic supporters in a rainbow variety of colors, we were so glad we discovered the line.

What we weren’t expecting was the label right above our junk to read “Karen Space” instead of “Arjen Kroos.” It turned out to be a good thing because now whenever we wear one, we like to imagine some bitch throwing a tantrum in a Trader Joe’s suddenly smelling our nether regions after a workout and it brings a big smile to our face.

Of course, few things bring a smile to our face more than seeing another guy in the locker room wearing a jockstrap (almost always a gay man, we might add), so we figure we can pay it forward whenever we wear one.

Made of 55% nylon, 25% rubber, and only 20% cotton, they’re not the softest, but they really do the trick in high-intensity workouts. And as an added bonus, the high waistband really keeps the old muffin top in place. And they don’t have the high price of so many designer brands (especially if you get a multi-pack of three or five).

Best of all, they’re on Amazon Prime so you can have them in your hot little hands (and on your hot little bod) in two days!

So if you’re exploring some daddy issues (as in wanting to be one), put on one of these jockstraps like Dear Old Papa probably wore back in the day.

And let your butt crack be forever free!

Arjen Kroos/Karen Space Jockstraps
$11.99 (single jocks) to $26.99 (multi-colored 5-pack)