Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Jubilee! Jubilee! Jubilee!

Let raise our voices in songs of Jubilee!

Jubilee.  As a Christian and a Babatist, I celebrate the Kingdom of Heaven, the Reign of Our Lord and Savior, and His Royal Throne.  I await the mighty Jubilee in Heaven.  Hallelujah!  Alas, many here on earth have been caught up in celebrating the long reign of a mortal monarch overseas.  But truth be known, I am actually a fan of Sister Queen Elizabeth (Betty Windsor) for her long career as a moral compass in our world.  While her children have taken wayward steps, Sister Queen has remained steadfast and loyal to the church, albeit an Episcopal-ish one.  The outpouring of admiration on the celebration of her 70 years on the throne (bless her poor bowels) has been a worldwide phenomenon.  In a related story, sodomites have declared this month as their own which, in my opinion, is just another falderal for old queens.

Jubilee Juxtaposed.  At the advanced age of 96, it was not surprising that Sister Windsor was unable to attend every single royal event.  (She may have had to go back to the throne.)  While other family members stepped up to certain duties, there were other ways for BW to represent.  I was most alarmed by the parade of her golden carriage (pumpkin?) showing a digitized version of a young Queen B inside, waving.  That’s just weird.  But I tell you this, knowing now that this is possible, I’m looking in to hologram specialists for my next call to ministry with unclean sinners.  I can smile and wave and still be sitting pure at home in my nightgown!

Jubilee Junior.  Finally, I couldn’t help but notice that one of the youngest royals, Brother Prince Louis, proved to be less than regal amidst the festivities.  The world was atwitter at the fact that this 4-year old acted like a 4-year old!  Ah, children.  I particularly enjoyed his hand gestures made at his mother during a royal tantrum.  Where did he learn that particular movement?  I amuse myself by imagining that he caught his grandma doing such gesture to her staff after an annoying cup of tepid tea.  I would KILL for a picture!