Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

More Folking Relevant Than Ever

2022 is such a weird time to be alive.

On one hand, we’re losing our rights and reverting to stone-age “morality” across America.

On the other hand (filled with lube and reaching for as many cocks as possible), we’re able to view such explicitly queer content on streaming services that our inner 21-year-old is gagged.

(Don’t worry, we los our gag reflex a few years later.)

So it’s with much anticipation that the reboot of Queer As Folk debuts today on Peacock and we’re here to say, it’s a fantastic reimagining. Not only is the cast unapologetically diverse and inclusive (something the previous two versions were definitely not), it pushes boundaries further, explodes taboos, and makes us want to visit New Orleans more than we already do.

There’s more nudity and graphic sex than ever before (thanks, Peacock!) and scenes we never thought we’d see on our home TV that didn’t come in a plain brown wrapper in the mail.

Our only complaint is that the first episode starts in a really dark place (a REALLY dark place) that brings a little too much reality to the screen for something that could be more pulpy escapism.

Yet after seeing the entire first season, we’re excited to see where the new QAF characters will end up next season.

And how much skin they’ll show.

Queer As Folk
Premieres today

All photos by Alyssa Morgan/Peacock