Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Underwear Of The Month: Part 2(X)IST

Because it’s Pride Month, we figured nobody would object to a double-feature for June’s Underwear of the Month. Lots of companies create Pride-themed underwear, but 2(X)IST will always have a special place in our hearts. (And on our bulges.)

It was one of the first sexy brands we ever purchased after coming out and we remember vividly many occasions when we’d stroll through the underwear section at a department store and get butterflies in our stomach looking at the packaging.

And if we caught a guy wearing them in-person at the gym, those butterflies grew into pterodactyls.

They have a whole new summer collection, including super-sexy swimwear, but we’re most excited about their Pride five-packs.

Easily the best bargain in the world of designer underwear, you can choose from briefs, trunks and jock straps. Each design features a rainbow waistband and a different color pouch for each of the five pairs included in the set.

Five-packs of briefs and jocks are only $48 and trunks a mere $58 (more fabric, you know). It’s rare these days to snag hot underwear for under $20 a pair, so this makes our wallet as happy as our crotch.

As does the fact that 2(X)IST donates a portion of sales year-round to the Ali Forney Center, the largest LGBTQ+ community center helping LGBTQ+ homeless youth in the United States.

So enjoy this special second edition of Underwear of the Month and cover your privates with something colorful and delightfully queer.

2(X)IST Pride Collection
$48-$58 (per 5-pack of briefs, trunks or jock straps)