Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Roe, Ruling & Rally.

We are witnessing strange bedfellows this week.

Roe. I’d like to thank Brother H.G. Wells for his influence on our nation’s highest court. So exciting was H.G.’s notion of a Time Machine, 6 of our 9 Justices have seen fit to turn this nation back almost 50 years. Hopefully, while we’re back in 1973, I can stop in on Brother Nixon and borrow his tape recorder for a bit. Maybe even stock up on some .50 gas!

Ruling. ‎Brother Clarence Thomas, in his infinite judicial wisdom, has opined that, in light of the overturning of Roe v Wade, other decisions of moral turpitude should be reconsidered. He has particularly mentioned decisions affecting contraception and sodomite rights. I’m not planning on taking a stand on any of these issues, but I do ponder one thing. If he continues down this path, I look forward to his arguments for overturning interracial marriage. Sister Thomas would have to dig deeper into her seditions purse to combat that!

Rally. ‎It does my heart good to hear fine Christian women speaking their heart. Some women speak their truth even when it may be unpopular. These are true martyrs of the faith. So it was with Sister Mary Miller, Congresswoman from Illinois. At a recent rally with Brother Immediate Past POTUS, Sister Mary unfalteringly thanked him for appointing the kind of judges who would vote to overturn a ruling which she claims was a “victory for white life.” Speak your truth, Sister Miller, so that we can all bear witness to your particular brand of Christianity. Let us all turn in our Bibles to John 11:35.