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Hutch Cassidy Doesn’t Do The Tap Dance, Kid

Someone recently said to me that there is so much going on in the world today that it shouldn’t be hard to find material for this column. That’s true, if one wants to say something. But then that’s different from having something to say.

Take the abortion issue. It has so many facets to it that before saying anything about it, one has to decide the direction from which one is coming. There are the moral dimensions and the religious dimensions, which are decidedly not the same. We have the political aspect and the personal. With the overturning of Roe v. Wade, we can talk about all the various should haves and could haves, plus all the future-looking should dos and could dos.

We can make it complicated and talk about the long-term strategy spanning over forty years, or keep it simple and look to the presidential election of 2016. We can identify the long list of people who helped to make it happen or failed to stop it. But all of that kind of falls into the category about saying something about the issue, not actually having something to say.

Karl and I spent a few days in California with his family last weekend, and our return flight on Monday was delayed getting out of San Diego. By the time we got into the car to go home, we were both a bit cranky, but we had quite a laugh about the GPS system telling our driver to turn left on Live Oak, but using the pronunciation for the verb “live” rather than the adjective. Apparently, as smart as artificial intelligence might be, it still has a grammar problem when it comes to homographs. That did my heart good.

Checking email before falling into bed, it hit my radar that there would be a hastily scheduled January 6 congressional committee hearing the next afternoon. I was planning a lazy day after travel, with a viewing of a ‘40s MGM musical with either Judy, June or Jane. But not now.

Considering the unexpected nature of the scheduling of this special hearing, my first thought was that a boldfaced name would be testifying. But the witness who would take the star spot on Tuesday afternoon away from Judy, June or Jane would be one Cassidy Hutchinson, a virtual unknown.

Prior to her live (there’s that word again) testimony, Ms. Hutchinson’s small claim to fame was having been seen in some clips at previous hearings. Oh, and a rather silly picture of Ms. Hutchinson dancing with Kayleigh McEnany, former White House press secretary, to “Y. M. C. A.” at a 2020 Trump rally that went out over the AP wire. A sort of limp version of “Republican Girls Gone Wild.”

As assistant to Trump’s White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, it seemed reasonable to assume she would know where some bodies were buried, who buried them and who planted the rose bushes on top of them. Even knowing she might tap dance around that rose garden, I hoped for some rocket’s red glare and bombs bursting in air as Karl and I sat down to watch what Ms. Hutchinson had to say. She did not disappoint.

Based on her testimony, Trump knew when he gave the speech on January 6 that many in the crowd were armed with weapons and that he intended to go to the Capitol with the mob who stormed it. Talk about upping the ante.

Ms. Hutchinson had other bombs, too, from Trump’s saying to Meadows and White House Counsel Pat Cipollone that Mike Pence deserved what might be coming his way to ketchup dripping down the wall of the Oval Office dining room after a presidential tantrum. (We can only hope it was Heinz ketchup, which would run slower than Hunt’s.)

While some may think of her coming forward into the limelight as being courageous, heroic or patriotic, it may be more likely that Ms. Hutchinson has a profound talent for self-preservation. Regardless of her motivation, what she has done is quite important and may prove to be even more so as this story continues to unfold.

We don’t know very much about Ms. Hutchinson. Even her Wikipedia page looks thrown together, without even her birth year given as certain. Whether or not she has siblings isn’t included, and the only thing we currently know about her parents is they named her Cassidy.

That is all likely to change for Ms. Hutchinson, and I do hope she will handle it with the grace she showed during the congressional hearing. While she had a moment in an episode of “Republican Girls Gone Wild,” she seems to not be interested in dancing in the ongoing series of “Republicans Gone Nuts.”

Good for her.