Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Fireworks. France. Faith.

Three important prayer requests.

Fireworks.  The Fourth of July holiday never ceases to amaze me as it passes with numerous reports of careless explosive behavior.  Unlike the firecracker explosions of the Daffy Duck variety, real life occurrences do not allow for merely readjusting ones beak.  Besides, every canine in captivity gets highly irritated by the explosive sounds of celebratory munitions.  And personally, I pray that every time I hear the all too familiar sound of Black Cats and Bottle Rockets, I am actually hearing fireworks and not something else.  Bless the people of Illinois who heard that something else.  Hear our prayer.

France.  ‎Well over one hundred years ago, the good people of France gifted our nation with an impressive statue “in order to commemorate the perseverance of freedom and democracy in the United States.”  A “Statue of Liberty” as it was called.  Around the same time, another structure was being built in France for the World’s Fair of 1889 which has become the focal point of the city of Paris (France, not Texas).  It is being reported that the Eiffel Tower is in dire need of repair and is suffering from rust.  Such a coincidence.  Lady Liberty is in dire need of support as well, as all she stands for is crumbing around her.  Let us pray.

Faith.  ‎I invite you to pray with me for Sister Cassidy Hutchinson.  After sharing her personal testimony with the public last week, she has certainly touched many lives with her ministry.  In relating her story, she bore witness to activities and behavior of a former President which have called into questions said former President’s commitment to proving he needs to be committed.  When one shares one’s faith, one must consider the ramifications of how one’s truth may lay bare the sins of others.  Therefore, let us get on our knees for Sister Cassidy and offer prayers of protection for her from those who are somewhat unhinged.  Amen.