Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Ticket, Travel & Telescope.

The Lord is moving, and we need to as well!

Ticket.  I’d like to offer prayer for a fine Sister-in-Christ here in my home city of Dallas.  In light of the recent Supreme Court ministry on women’s health and the redefinition of where life begins, Sister Brandy Bottone was recently solo navigating her car on the freeways of Dallas when she found herself in an HOV lane meant for multiple passenger vehicles.  When she was pulled over by Dallas’ Finest, she was ticketed for being alone in her car.  In her Christian wisdom and observance of right-to-life victory, she is fighting this citation on the grounds that she is pregnant and her fetus counts as another person.  Let us rejoice that the legislated morality of our time is being used for ALL things.  I am prepared to witness a 50-yard line prayer meeting of Jews and Muslims to lift this woman up.

Travel.  ‎It’s time for us all to plan a mission trip to Europe.  Thousands of souls need to be touched in many countries.  Why this sudden outreach, you ask?  The Lord’s tithes and offerings are making a bigger impact right now as the Euro loses value.  We are nigh an even trade between the dollar and the Euro.  Let us gather as one in the EU where we can share tongues of fire and be on our knees in anticipation of great things.  It’s a bargain!

Telescope.  The world of science is abuzz over recent photos from the Webb telescope.  According to scientists, these are the deepest photos of our galaxy yet seen.  Balderdash!  It looks like oncoming headlights when I’m not wearing my glasses.  Why should I believe scientists?  I’m a CHRISTIAN!  Besides, until I see Jesus smiling and waving for the camera, I won’t believe it’s a photo of the heavens.  So there!