Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Cake By The Ocean

We have long loved 2(X)IST underwear.

And this scorching hot summer season, we’ve fallen head over bulge for their new, also-scorching-hot swimwear line known simply as SWIM.

The new lineup of nylon styles come in briefs, trunks and shorts in 14 different colors and patterns. Even though we probably still need a full-body swimsuit post-Covid, we feel super sexy in the trunks and—at least in our minds—look just like supermodel Michael Yerger as we waddle to the water.

Each style dries quickly and features a swim pouch that provides excellent support while also showcasing the meat and potatoes you’re hoping to advertise as the daily special at your all-you-can-eat, pop-up beach cafe.

Or a backyard buffet at someone’s pool.

Wherever you choose to wear the new 2(X)IST SWIM styles, you’re sure to make a splash.

$22.99 – $75
Free shipping on U.S. orders over $50