Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Roe, Run & Runts.

Fish Eggs and Frat Boys are in my thoughts this week.

Roe.  I am so over all this talk about Roe.  By definition, “Roe” is a term for fish eggs.  In this day and age of inflation and high prices, why are we worried about caviar?  This seems a bit much.  I think we should stick to more important issues like women’s health and abortion.  Good Lord!

Run.  Apparently, we need to pray for Brother Josh Hawley.  I know how his precious heart longs to have the power he feels in holding public office.  But recent candid video of him has led me to offer him some basic wisdom.  Josh, as you are prayerfully considering re-election, let me gently remind you that you are to run FOR office.  Not from it.  Amen.

Runts.  I always rejoice when a man of God can take scriptural instruction and use it to its full effect.  Brother Matt Gaetz in all his arched upper lip-ness, testified recently in a manner which exalted his reign as a male over the woman.  Boiling down the entire abortion issue to very simple thoughts, Matt exhorted the faithful to observe that those complaining most about losing abortion rights need to not fear “if you look like a thumb.”  Isn’t a blessing that Brother Gaetz recognizes that the unattractive in our midst are unlikely to copulate with another?  Let us therefore rejoice that there shall be no Gaetz runts in this world’s future.  It’s not just that he isn’t appealing in general, but no respectable uterus bearer would dare receive seed from an appendage that “looks like a thumb” either.  Glory.