Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Different Sex, Same City

Even though we fell squarely on Team And Just Like That, we think there might be an even better successor to the Sex and the City universe.

Also from Darren Star, the creator of everybody’s favorite sex-filled romp about four women who love to brunch, comes Uncoupled. Except in place of four women, we’re treated to a trio of gay men and a long list of colorful supporting characters that quickly made this our new favorite show of summer.

It doesn’t hurt that we love series star Neil Patrick Harris and couldn’t wait to get to the episode where NPH shows off his Nice Pretty Hiney—all part of the endless array of shenanigans he finds himself in after being unceremoniously dumped by his boyfriend of 17 years.

In fact, we’re pretty sure Uncoupled represents our fastest binge since Covid lockdowns. We devoured the entire eight-episode first season in three nights.

It’s hilarious, extremely relatable to gays of a certain age, and a real bright spot on Netflix’s ever-growing roster of LGBTQ+ content.

Set an alarm for midnight and start your own binge right away.

We’re including two trailers below. The teaser has fewer spoiler moments, so choose your own adventure!

Premieres tomorrow, Friday, July 29