Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Beaver, The Bear & The Fox.

And the Lord created all the beasts of the field.

Beaver.  What a loss of fine family values!  Brother Tony Dow met his Maker this week at the age of 77.  Some of you children may not know that name, but to many of a certain age, he was a part of one the most wholesome families on television.  Brother Dow played Wally, the older brother on LEAVE IT TO BEAVER (not to be confused with a sodomite program called “Leave It.  It’s Beaver.”).  The star of the show, Brother Jerry Mathers, was a young child nicknamed “Beaver” for reasons unknown.  Still, Wally and the Beav were paragons of fine youth raised by the wholesome Ward and June Cleaver.  Brother Wally’s passing means only Brother Jerry remains from the original cast.  All the others are gone.  Leaving Beaver.

Bear.  My fine alma mater, Baylor University (Jerusalem on the Brazos), has remained curiously silent on their former Lady Bear basketball player currently imprisoned in Russia.  Sister Brittney Griner made the University major money as a start athlete during her time at Thee University.  However, her status as a known Lesbyterian seems to have negated her athletic, fundraising prowess.  The Waco Christians have deigned to remember the Lord’s exhortation that “when I was in prison, you visited me.”  Not even a public prayer for Sister BG, an action which the Baylor faithful do so well.  Leave it to the Demoncrat administration to initiate a prisoner trade to bring Brittney home.  Yea verily how politics have become the go-to method for Christ-like compassion.  These are end times.

Fox.  Will wonders never cease?  The fine Christian broadcasters at Fox News have seemingly turned on their erstwhile hero, Brother Former President DT.  I like to think that the news people at this esteemed network finally were blessed with the gift of integrity, but the Lord has rebuked that thought from my mind.  Alas, he-who-shall-not-be-named has served his purpose of stacking the Supremes and he is being returned to reprobate status where he belongs.  Now, if Fox would grab Brother Carlson by the bowtie and spin him as hard as they spin the truth, we could all rejoice.