Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Brunch Of The Week: BYOB! BYOB! BYOB!

We’ve all been there.

Sunday brunch with friends starts off civilized, then gets a little crazy as the Mimosas keep coming. Before you know it, you’re calling an Uber home while trying to figure out how eggs, OJ and cheap champagne ended up costing $125.

Well, this weekend you can avoid the overpriced brunch and dive into some of the best breakfast dishes we’ve had in a long time.

Welcome to Bruncheon, a fantastic new spot in Richardson’s CityLine development. The place is BYOB (they only charge an $8 per bottle corkage fee) so plan ahead and super-chill some bubbly. We opted for a bottle of Mumm Napa Brut Prestige from an Albertson’s on the way because we didn’t want anything too cheap or too expensive. (Remember, cheap = hangover!)

Above are a few photos taken during our actual brunch so you can see the items as they actually appear in real life. We have to say, every dish we ordered was better than the one before it.

Among the many things we tried, our top two favorites were the Original Eggs Benedict, a classic take among six total Benedict options. They were among the best we’ve ever had in Dallas—perfectly poached eggs, nicely toasted English muffins, tender Canadian bacon, and a velvet smooth Hollandaise that never broke.

Our server recommended the Pineapple Upside Down Pancakes (a house specialty) for our “brunch dessert” and they, too, were among the best pancakes we’ve ever had. (There’s a photo of them in the lower left corner of the main image at the top of this story). Crunchy around the edges, tender and golden everywhere else, they were pure pineapply perfection.

Even if you don’t drink (or you forget to B your own B), a trip to Bruncheon this weekend will set the stage for a great day ahead.

(But definitely more so if you take some booze!)

1551 Renner Road, Richardson

Main photo courtesy of Bruncheon; Gallery photos by Steven Lindsey