Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Jail, Jesus & John.

On your knees , heathens.

Jail.  As a Dallas-based Babatist Christian, I take notice when mighty conferences of faith take place here in my home city.  Such it was this past weekend as the Conservative Political Action Conference took place this weekend.  A host of conservative, evangelical acorns (nuts) gathered to proselytize and opine on all things of Christian nationalism.  While we were blessed with such speakers as a Mexican Texas Senator, a recent past President of our country, and a racist Nazi from Hungary, my personal favorite display was truly theatrical.  A reenactment diorama of a January 6 insurrectionist in a make-shift prison cell to elicit prayers from the faithful.  It took on greater impact when Sister Marjorie Taylor Greene stepped into the cell to pray with the “prisoner” which caused a moving of the Holy Spirit which sparked tongues of glossolalia.  Lives were touched, people were changed and decisions were made…………I decided to vomit.

Jesus.  When religion and musicals have met in the past, it has resulted in major productions like Godspell, Jesus Christ Superstar and Joseph (and that coat).  A recent melding of faith and follies has resulted in a less successful production.  A fine Christian congregation here in Texas mounted a skit version of Hamilton with a few line revisions of a religious nature.  Let’s face it, script-doctoring is as popular as biblical reinterpretation.  Even more concerning was the invitation at the end of the show exhorting those struggling with homosexuality to ask God to heal you.  From my experience, asking a musical theater fan to turn from homosexuality would devastate ticket sales.  Moreover, this church is on the Texas/Mexico border.  I fear that their next musical re-telling could turn West Side Story into a show where “I Want To Be In America” is completely written out of the program.  Let us pray.

John.  I once had a bad spell of sadness caused by some bad Fig Newtons, but I am truly bereaved over another Newton of an Olive base.  I am in mourning over the passing of Sister Olivia Newton-John.  I have long admired her wholesome image and gifted vocal prowess.  Granted, I bristled at a few of the songs forced upon her by secular business people, but I forgave.  I feel confident that she is being welcomed into the Pearly Gates with these words from our Lord Himself:  “You’re the one that I want, as I’m hopelessly devoted to you.  Many summer nights I looked down upon you and knew that one day a twist of fate would bring you unto Me.  I knew that, if you love Me, you would let Me be there for you.  Come into My presence for I love you. I honestly love you.”