Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Props, Proposals & Problems.

What are we to do?

Props.  I recently read a story about my Texas Governor and his efforts to bus immigrants from the Texas border to New York City and Washington, DC.  It is his compassionate duty to allow the mayors of those two cities to display their infrastructure to take care of this influx.  These northerners believe, to the contrary, that Governor Abbott is using the immigrants as “props.”  Which makes me think…….if he needs a couple of Mexicans to hold him up if he tries to walk, more power to him!

Proposals.  In news of a meteoric nature, the denizens of Utah experienced a sudden boom in the atmosphere this past weekend.  Immediate questions of “What was that?” penetrated the air.  Some scientists propose that it was a meteor breaking wind.  I, as a person of faith, always lean towards answers of a religious origin.  I propose that either Moroni hit a bad note on his bugle, or the Lord has returned.  And if He’s in Salt Lake City, we’re all in for a surprise.

Problems.  As children go back to school everywhere, I have a prayer concern for a possible problem in the Florida education system.  With a teacher shortage nationwide, schools cannot be picky in their hiring practices.  What if a Florida school hires someone by the name of Margaret Gay?  How will the children address her?  “Hey you?”  “Miss Maggie?” “Teacher?”  I mean, we all know that the State has outlawed calling her by her last name.  Ms. Ga……..!  Oops.  Arrest that child.