Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Howdy, Macaron Lovers!

Not sure about you, but ever since Covid we’re kinda fine with missing the State Fair again this year.

So many crowds—and so many out-and-proud Trumpsters (gag). It just isn’t our scene anymore.

But we will still crave all sorts of fair foods and do our best to create some of our favorites at home. Until then, however, we can get our fix thanks to the newest creations from Joy Macarons.

Starting today, you can get hands on a State Fair Box, which includes all sorts of fair-worthy flavors: Big Tex Texas Sheet Cake (pictured above), Cotton Candy, Caramel Apple, Cherry Pie, Maple Bacon and Candied Pecan.

A six-pack includes one of each, a 12-pack two of each and a 24-pack has a quartet of each outrageously mouthwatering flavor.

Joy Macarons State Fair Boxes
Available starting today

Big Tex Photo Editorial credit: Leena Robinson / Shutterstock.com