Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Parentheticals, Perversions & Purchases.

From royalty to riches.

Parentheticals.  Grieving over the death of my Sister-in-Christ, Betty Windsor (see how close we were?).  The Lord allowed her to walk this earth for a long time and be a Queen for over 70 years.  (Surpassed only by Brother Ian McKellan.)  While she was never a perfect person (I still hold that title), Betty was a mostly noble woman.  With her passing, changes are afoot in the Windsor living room.  The royal title has been passed to that philandering son, Charles.  (I was alarmed at the idea of a man being Queen, but I gratefully realized that he will be a King.)  The King Charles Spaniel, Camilla Parker Bowles, becomes a Queen via adultery.  (Most queens I know are sluts.)  Diana is spinning in her grave.  Let us pray for Brother William and his family.  I’d hate for succession to somehow reach that reprobate, Andrew.  That would make Charles and the Big C look like veritable saints.  Long Live the King……..of Kings!

Perversions.  As my readers know, I am subjected to watch most major awards shows on the television so that I can focus my prayers for Hollysodom more closely.  Perhaps I’m just getting older (or still have some dignity), but I thought the entire Emmy Awards display was perverse and juvenile.  It felt as if I was watching an extended Saturday Evening Untaped sketch.  More than halfway through the program, I fell to my knees and beseeched the Lord for some relief from the debauchery and trash.  Lo, how the Lord heareth.  I arose to see Sister Jean Smart approach the stage to receive her accolades looking every bit like an angel of grace and class.  It was a brief respite for sure, but it was a soothing balm to the pain of having a Band-Aid ripped off a scab when that freak in the white sunglasses came into view.  I will not give credence to his name, but it rhymes with Heat gave it sun.  Lord, hear my prayers!

Purchases.  One of my precious celebrity acolytes, Brother Zac Efron, recently reminisced over his physical appearance in the cinematic filth in film, Baywatch.  Recounting the inhuman treatment to which he was subjected in order to appear so physically perfect, he claimed that such body would now be unattainable.  Brothers and Sisters, I have learned, in my extensive ministry, that most anything can be attained with those three magic words.  I.  Have.  Cash.  I am praying for monetary manna from Heaven so that I can attain some personal prayer time with Brother Zac in the very near future.  Amen?