Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Dancing, Deadheading & Demonizing.

These are my prayer requests and supplications.

Dancing.  Television shows these days are reaching new lows in what is considered entertainment.  I miss the good Christian values of a program like FATHER KNOWS BEST or BONANZA.  Instead, alleged reality shows seem to be the bread and butter of network fare.  Gag me.  As a Babatist, I refuse to endorse any program that flies in the face of the beliefs of my church membership.  Therefore, I won’t watch shows that glorify drinking and/or dancing.  Which brings me to DANCING WITH THE STARS.  Pure sin.  And who decides the meaning of star?  Shouldn’t this program be called DANCING WITH DESPERATE D-LISTERS?  Regardless, this season has just pushed me over the edge.  A “man in a dress” contestant……who was brought up in the Babatist church!!  Shangela, you are REALLY testing my faith on so many levels!

Deadheading.  I have been made aware of a group of Mexican immigrants from Venezuela who have been air lifted from the Texas border all the way to the wealthy island of Martha’s Vineyard.  These souls traveled long and far to find a better life in America hoping to find an honest wage in Texas.  I think it is horrifically unfair that they were effectively kidnapped and deadheaded to such a popular vacation place overflowing with wealth.  I pray that they find work and a new life.  And if that is the way to get a free trip to someplace with rich white people, I’m hanging out at the border with a suitcase.

Demonizing.  There are so many fine religious men in the Repugnican Party who are making it their life’s work to demonize women.  Isn’t it a blessing that these Christian Soldiers know what is best so to regulate something which they will never biologically experience?  I rejoice that this testosterone fueled mission will make prisoners out of women who dare to make extremely personal decisions about their ovulations.  I therefore pray that this same line of thinking will pour over to faithful women leaders like Sister Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi so that she can enact sanctions requiring these same men to be sterilized or risk imprisonment.  Goose?  Gander?