Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

History For The Modern Gay

Is there something wrong with us that every time we hear the word history we think of Shirley Bassey?

Well, we know there’s nothing wrong with us. We’re just super-gay.

And now you can enjoy one of the most important queer history events ever assembled. This weekend, the Queer History South Archives for ALL, Y’all Conference brings together people from 13 states (and likely more beyond that) who are passionate about the research and preservation of LGBTQ history in the US South.

The 2022 conference will center around best practices for those preserving, researching, educating on, and making community accessible the rich and diverse history of the Queer & Trans South. 

One of the sponsors is our own local history-preserving institution, The Dallas Way as well as the Invisible Histories Project. So you know this will be one quality queerfest over three magical days that make the nerd inside us tingle.

And who doesn’t like a nerd inside them tingling?

Queer History South Archives for ALL, Y’all Conference
Tickets: $60-$175
Dallas College 
801 Main Street, Dallas
Register at eventbrite.com


Facebook: https://fb.me/e/2bKEKFjWU