Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

What’s Lurking In Your Closet?

Now that it’s October, we’re officially ready to be scared.

And not just from watching the news.

Or eavesdropping on conspiracy theories from waitresses at our neighborhood diner.

We mean good, old-fashioned, creepy, crawly, spooky stories, movies, and TV shows.

And lucky for us, there’s a new book that dives into some truly scary films viewed from the perspective of queer and trans writers. From Halloween to Jennifer’s Body, movies are discussed for their subversiveness that often parallel the LGBTQ+ experience.

Out tomorrow (but you can pre-order today!), It Came From The Closet: Queer Reflections on Horror is a must-read for horror fans who may gain a whole new outlook on some of the all-time classics and cult favorites covered in its pages.

Covered in blood, too.

It Came From The Closet
Edited by Joe Vallese
$25.95 (Pre-order)
$12.99 (Kindle); $25.95 (Paperback); $31.95 (audio book)