Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

New Drag Brunch Alert! New Drag Brunch Alert!

We’re truly living in the Golden Age of Drag Brunch here in North Texas. Despite the fact that religious or otherwise nutjob right-wing zealots keep protesting them. (Which just makes us want to go even more often and tip with fives instead of ones.)

The latest restaurant to enter the Drag Brunch Race is Ebb & Flow at their Plano location. The Garden of Eden Drag Brunch debuts on Saturday, October 15 with two shows, one at 11:00 a.m. and one at 2:00 p.m. (Pro tip: The second show is always better with these things!)

The drag lineup includes Dulcé Strutts and a gaggle of one-named queens: Kandy, Star, Barb and Serif.

Purchase a ticket for your preferred spot (starting at $18 for bar seating) then order a la carte from a menu featuring chicken and waffles, a breakfast sandwich, and cocktails including the High Heel and the Walk of Shame.

It’s a great way to support local (both the restaurant and the performers) and experience drag outside the gayborhood for a change.

The show will likely sell out, so get your seats reserved today or the only walk of shame you’ll be doing that Saturday is from your car to the front door of Denny’s.

Garden of Eden Drag Brunch
Tickets: $18-$200 (VIP table for 6)
Ebb & Flow
7300 Lone Star Drive #C125, Plano